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Offhand is a term used in game to refer to any limb with a melee weapon that is not the * primary limb. Certain limbs default to a default melee weapon if not equipped with anything, such as hands defaulting to fists. On game start, the primary limb defaults to either the left or right hand, with the other becoming an offhand. Which limb is the primary limb can be set by moving the cursor over the limb on the equipment screen and pressing [Tab].

Classifications of limbs

The table below is to aid in describing what is considered an offhand and what is not:

Limb type Description Base chance of attacking per turn Affected by Offhand Strikes, Ambidexterity, Two-weapon Fighting Jab eligible1 Flurry eligible
Primary limb Main limb used to attack. Can be selected on the equipment screen. 100% not applicable not applicable not applicable
Mutated Limbs Limbs and weapons gained from the mutations: lower limbs from Multiple Arms, hands from Burrowing Claws, or Horns2. Despite the name, it does not count limbs grown from being a Chimera, which are offhands.

Multiple Arms: (7 + mut Level × 3)%
Burrowing Claws: 20%
Horns: 20%

no yes yes
Robotic Arms Arms granted by Helping hands.pnghelping hands. 8% no no yes
Offhand Every other limb that does not fall into the above categories. See the below section for more specifications. 15% yes yes yes

  1. This assumes that the limb is wielding a short blade
  2. Beak would fall under this as well but its peck attack is non functional as of

Additional methods of gaining offhands

Despite being called "offhands", any limb that can hold a melee weapon is able to become one.

  • If the left or right hand no longer is a primary hand, it becomes an offhand.
  • Extra hands (and hand variants) grown from Chimera.
  • Armor or modifications that can attack can make unconventional body parts count as offhands: Folded carbide wristblade.pngfolded carbide wristblade and any magnetized melee weapon will make the arm slot or the floating nearby slot respectively an offhand.

All of these EXCEPT left/right hands follow the same rules as normal offhands, which means they have a base 15% of attacking, can be affected by Dual Wield passives, Jab, and Flurry. For left or right hands, they will swap the attack percentage of the now new primary limb. For example, if the primary limb was swapped from the right hand to Horns, the right hand will now have the horns' 20% chance of attacking.