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broadcast power station
Broadcast power station


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Broadcast Power Station





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broadcast power station

Metal was braided into electromagnetic scaffolding, and through it the modulator molds the clay of the baseband and divulges the shape of the new signal.


A broadcast power station converts electrical power from a connected power grid into broadcast power that can be received by capable objects that are currently in the same zone as the broadcast power station. It cannot transmit to other zones beyond its own, and it only works if it is properly connected to an active electrical grid that is providing power to it.[1][2] It will broadcast up to the same amount of charge that it is receiving from the electrical grid. Individual objects that can receive broadcast power have their own limits on how much incoming broadcast power they can use per turn.

Objects that are capable of receiving and using broadcast power are: black mote, quantum rippler, reclamation cist, regeneration tank, Rodanis Y, traipsing mortar, and anything with the radio-powered mod.[3] All of these objects can also receive broadcast power from satellites to a certain depth underground as described on the broadcast power and radio-powered wiki pages.

Rodanis Y is perhaps the most iconic example of broadcast power in use. Rodanis Y's state of activation is determined entirely by whether the Grit Gate broadcast power station is currently turned on and operational. Rodanis Y will be deactivated whenever the broadcast power station is off or broken.


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