Hydraulic irrigator

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hydraulic irrigator
Hydraulic irrigator


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Hydraulic Irrigator

Charge per Use


Charge Used For

IrrigationSystem [5], ServoMotors [5]

Max Volume

32 drams





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general, electronics

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Extra info:
hydraulic irrigator

Magnetized steel drives a diaphragm upward and life water is propelled through chrome pipes to thirsty plants.


A hydraulic irrigator is a mechanism that runs on hydraulic power and is used to water nearby vegetation to accelerate the ripening process. It consumes up to 20,000 charge per turn from the hydraulic power grid it is connected to. Several hydraulic irrigators are found in Grit Gate.[1]


hydraulic irrigators can be animated via Spray-a-Brain or nano-neuro animator. Animated hydraulic irrigators have Harvestry and Swimming.


Each hydraulic irrigator affects an area within a ten-tile radius. Within that area, the hydraulic irrigator causes ripening harvestable plants to ripen at an accelerated rate.[2] However, the ripening mechanic is not implemented for any plants in Caves of Qud, meaning that this feature has no functional effect on any plants in game. Plants cannot ripen if they generate unripe or after they've been harvested. Ultimately, this means that the hydraulic irrigator only consumes 20,000 charge per turn and does nothing else.[3] Plants have no mechanical need to be watered.


This information is reliable as of patch
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