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regeneration tank
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Regen Tank

Charge per Use


Charge Used For

RegenerationSystems [100], TemperatureControl [1]

Max Volume

128 drams





Mods?Mods this item can support
(subject to additional logic & rules)

general, electronics

Extra info:
  • Made out of Metal
  • EMP sensitive
  • Has a capacitor (40 recharge per turn up to max 20000; starts with 0-4x50000-20000 (Avg: 10000) charge)
  • Can receive broadcast power, up to 40 charge per turn
  • Can receive electrical grid power, up to 1000 charge per turn
  • Can receive hydraulic power, up to 1000 charge per turn
  • Leaks when broken (10-20% per turn)
  • Weighs 400 lbs
  • Is an enclosing object
regeneration tank

Tetraxenonoglass walls and convalesscent gel recreate the conditions of the amnion where reptile, bird, and mammal embryos are nurtured to whole life.


The regeneration tank is a rare furniture that can normally be found in the depths of Bethesda Susa. One also exists in the Yd Freehold. Unexamined, it is called strange furniture. If the player chooses to, they can enclose themselves inside a tank for a bonus of ♦2 AV and a penalty of ○-8 DV while inside. Entering a tank safely requires the creature to make an agility save of difficulty 15. If this fails, they will not enter and there is a 25% chance to deal ♥1d2+12-3 (Avg: 2.5) damage. Exiting the tank also requires an agility save of difficulty 14, inflicting the same damage with the same chance if the save fails.

They will be partially or completely filled with convalessence or homogenized convalessence (i.e. mixed with a small amount of cloning draught). The one in the Freehold will always contain 2 drams of cloning draught. They require the full 128 drams of liquid (which must contain only convalessence and possibly cloning draught) in order to be properly used, or it will fail to work. Aside from liquid, a regeneration tank also requires charge to use. It has a max charge of 20,000, but can start from any number in between that range and 0. It can be charged by radio waves, and charges 40 a turn if it is less than or equal to 7 floors below the surface. However, one turn inside a regeneration tank uses up 100-101 charge, making it not self sustainable. The additional 1 charge is from it controlling the temperature of itself, using up 1 to remain at 40T if the temperature of it exceeds 60T.


Depending on how long the user spends inside the tank, additional effects will occur. Each turn inside will use up 100 charge. Every 1 turn(100-101 charge) inside:

  • They will recuperate, which removes several specific types of negative status effect
  • They will have negative status effects removed identical to level 4 Regeneration.

Every 10 turns (1000-1010 charge) inside:

  • If the tank contains cloning draught and the player is missing a limb, one dram of cloning draught will be consumed and one missing limb will be regenerated, including a missing tongue from glotrot.

Using the Regeneration Tank

  1. Fill the tank to 128 drams. This is done by pouring convalessence (and cloning draught if desired) into the cell that contains the regeneration tank.
  2. If necessary, recharge the tank with A bits.
  3. Enter the tank until you are successful.
  4. Wait a turn or two to remove negative status effects.
  5. Wait 10 turns until all limbs are regenerated.


All furniture is able to become animated through applying a Spray-a-Brain or a nano-neuro animator. However, when a regeneration tank is animated, they have a bonus of starting with Staunch Wounds, Heal, and Set Limb. If an animated regeneration tank is legendary, their hero titles will be related to healing like "Therapeutic" or "The Tired".