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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

A legendary creature, or a hero, is a rare and unique variant of a creature. There are several differences between a legendary creature and a regular one:

  • Randomly generated legendary creatures have a noticeable magenta coloration which replaces their creature's usual primary color.
  • Their names will be unique and be colored magenta, usually ending with "Legendary (creature)"
  • Randomly generated legendary creatures also have increased stats or additional skills when compared to their normal creature variants.
  • They will have an extra 0-2 physical mutations and 0-2 mental mutations, each at level 1-4, if they are not Robots or True Kin
  • They will be loved, liked, hated, disliked by random factions (for more info, refer to the faction relationship reasons page).
  • They will grant reputation changes when the player kills them or performs the water ritual with them.

Aside from generic boosts, there are more specific hero templates that are used.

Pre-Determined Unique Creatures

Certain legendary creatures are guaranteed to exist in pre-determined game locations. Typically, these creatures have unique names that stay the same across playthroughs and are also referred to as unique characters.

Randomly Generated Legendary Creatures

Many other legendary creatures are randomly created as part of the procedural generation process. Randomly generated legendary creatures may include:

  • Legendary merchants, which can be found through random exploration or located with the help of an advertisement.
  • Legendary lair owners, which can be found through random exploration or as village quest landmarks or destinations.
  • Legendary cultists, which can be found in Historic sites.
  • Wandering legendary creatures, which can be found as a random encounter in almost any zone.

Stat Bonuses

When legendary, randomly generated creatures will also gain certain stat boosts based on their faction or if they are a legendary villager. By default, all legendary creatures get these bonuses:

  • +1 to all attributes
  • Double HP
  • 1.5 level multiplier
  • Level * 250 XP

Legendary Villagers

Type Bonuses Self Preservation Threshold
Governer +3 int +3 will +3 ego 60%
Mayor +3 int +3 will +3 ego 40%
King/Queen +3 int +3 will +3 ego 30%
Viceroy +3 int +3 will +3 ego 20%
Councillor +1 int +1 will +1 ego 40%
Senator +1 int +1 will +1 ego 60%
Parliamentarian +1 int +1 will +1 ego 70%


These are bonuses conferred to legendary creatures in addition to the above bonuses based on their main faction.

Faction Boost
All Old factions/beasts +6 int
Barathrumites +1 int
Humanoid factions no bonus

Other Legendary Creature Generation Types

There are some legendary creatures that are generated via an old method and do not have the above rules apply. Some examples are listed below:

See also: Wraith-Knight Templar for legendary putus generation within Templar phylacteries.