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Yd Freehold
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denizens of the Yd Freehold


Palladium Reef



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Yd Freehold

Dyed pipework topology mounted in the spongebed is a lodestar to the lyrical community.


The Yd Freehold is a settlement located in the Palladium Reef. It is home to the denizens of the Yd Freehold.


Goek claims that the Yd Freehold was built by himself, Geeub, Mak, and Many Eyes over the course of hundreds of years (although Geeub somewhat downplays their involvement -- see History of the Yd Freehold). The Freehold is described as a "grand experiment"[1], and as a place of refuge for its inhabitants. Warden Une calls the Freehold "a collective thriving without hierarchy."

The Yd Freehold is noted for its "lyrical community"[2] in several places.

History of the Yd Freehold

Caution: This article or section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.

When asked about her involvement in the formation of the Yd Freehold, Geeub says:

... Yes, we were present, if less active than other-bodies. But we saw, and rattle with memory-artifacts as a Consortium lockbox rattles with jewels; shards of an eon-old data disk, bits of stories and places. Kin-fleeing, louse-meals, ghastly boredom. But Fate's caprice brought us through history's footsteps. There was a machine-speaker, and her ursine apprentice with his little plant, and the Sower with a tetrad of chubby whelps, and then, at last, Many-Eyes. Our dear galgal. So many.

The "ursine apprentice with his little plant" may be a reference to Barathrum the Old and Euclid. "The Sower" is most likely Abram I, who is given that title in Frivolous Lives, Vol. I, and is said to have had four children. It is unclear who the "machine-speaker" may have been in this context.


  1. Rokhas uses this term in conversation.
  2. This is referenced in the description of the Yd Freehold on the world map, as well as in In Maqqom Yd.