Barathrum the Old

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Barathrum the Old
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Barathrumites (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

urshiib corpse (90%)

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1250 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Barathrum the Old

Thousands of alabaster bristles sprout every which way from the braided frame of the eldest urshiib in Qud. Leaning on a walking staff with long, winding grooves for his serpentine fingers, he stares at nothing with pale red eyes like dying suns.


Barathrum the Old is the founder, patriarch, and namesake of the Barathrumites. He resides in Grit Gate, in his personal study.[1]


Barathrum the Old is the leader of the Barathrumites, who derive their name from him. According to recounts by Argyve and Barathrum himself, Barathrum crossed the Homs Delta with his kin around one thousand years ago, when he was "but a cub". Presumably, together Barathrum and his kin established Grit Gate within some ruins at the "heart" of Qud.

Barathrum is credited with inventing the Barathrum clock and the astrolabe, and will always be loved by two random factions for doing so. However, he is hated by the Putus Templar for "serving as a counterexample to the tenets of their orthodoxy"; Otho tells the player to beware the Templar, "...for while they despise all mutants, they harbor a special malice for Barathrum."

Argyve names Barathrum as "the eldest and wisest tinker alive". When asked about Barathrum, Hortensa states: "Larger than life. Paternal. Concerned. The lenses of his eyes are focused on the far points of the world."


Barathrum will not be present within the main atrium of Grit Gate, and instead can be found in his personal study, accessed by a set of stairs down within Otho's office. However, the player cannot descend the stairs unless they are in the possession of the chrome key,[2][3] given to them by Otho after completing A Call to Arms.


Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.

Barathrum is the questgiver for two quests, Pax Klanq, I Presume? and Tomb of the Eaters. Pax Klanq, I Presume? can only be initiated after completing A Call to Arms, and Tomb of the Eaters can only be accepted after completing Pax Klanq, I Presume?.

In Pax Klanq, I Presume?, the player is tasked with delivering the blueprints for Q Girl's climber design to Pax Klanq in the heart of the Rainbow Wood.

In Tomb of the Eaters, the player is tasked with ascending the Tomb of the Eaters and crossing into Brightsheol, in order to disable the magnetic field protecting the Spindle.


Barathrum will begin neutral to the player, but will become hostile if they attack him or any Barathrumites in view of him. He can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Barathrumites falls low enough, or if the player is seen stealing their belongings or damaging their property.


Barathrum does not spawn with any weaponry, and will simply attack with his \fists. The only armor he will spawn with will be a pair of ulnar stimulators, slotted with a chem cell at 100% charge.[2]


Being an urshiib, Barathrum possesses the Albino (D) mutation, the Quills mutation at level 6, and the Triple-jointed mutation at level 3.[2] Quills provides Barathrum with damage reflection, immunity to the quills of other creatures, and the "Quill Fling" activated ability, which allows Barathrum to fire a portion of his quills to deal damage to adjacent creatures. He will also possess quills, natural equipment worn on his body that can't be removed, providing him with an additional ♦4 AV. Triple-jointed will grant Barathrum an additional 3 Agility.

Self Preservation

If Barathrum's hitpoints fall below 80% of his maximum, he will cease combat and will begin to actively flee from threats.[4]


Barathrum will always be admired by two random factions, with special reasons being listed for both. One faction will admire him for "inventing the Barathrum clock", and one will admire him for "inventing the astrolabe". Additionally, the Putus Templar will always hate Barathrum for "serving as a counterexample to the tenets of their orthodoxy".

Barathrum will not randomly wander around his study, but he will move to the bedroll in his study to sleep at night. Afterwards, he will return to his usual spot in the study.[2]

Water Ritual

If the player performs the water ritual with Barathrum and has sufficient reputation with the Barathrumites, he can teach them the Tinkering skill. He can also teach the player how to craft three random items and the recipe for The Porridge, and can trade secrets with the player. However, he cannot be recruited as a companion in this way.[2]


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