Grit Gate

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Grit Gate
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Barathrum the Old

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Grit Gate

Still erect is the superior half of the clossal gate inscribed with the runes of a hundred indecipherable tongues. Beneath its chrome palings a wide passage opens into the jungle loam.


The main section of Grit gate is down 3 strata, and north one screen. The first time the player visits, only the bottom most cave will be explorable. The room with Mafeo will be opened if the communications panel is talked to again after More Than a Willing Spirit is accepted or the player has a merchant's token. As the player progresses through the main story line, more rooms will be unlocked. Once More Than a Willing Spirit is completed, the player will gain access to the main atrium, and the stairs down towards the remainder of the lower tunnels.

The local recipe is the Porridge.

Interactive Map

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