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force projector
Force projector

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Force Projector

Charge per Use


Charge Used For

Basic Operation [1], Per-Tile Projection [90]





Extra info:
  • Made out of Metal
  • EMP sensitive
  • Has a capacitor (100 recharge per turn up to max 2000; starts with 0-20000-2000 (Avg: 1000) charge)
  • Can receive electrical grid power, up to 10000 charge per turn
  • Can receive hydraulic power, up to 1000 charge per turn
  • This object is occluding
  • Weighs 15000 lbs
force projector

Inside the glass and steel chassis, a sea of force fluid churns in turbulence. It's then pulverized into solid matter by the dynamo and projected into space as a field.


A force projector is a mechanism that projects a force barrier in straight line until it hits a solid barrier such as a wall. The barrier is impassable to all creatures by default, but specific creatures can be granted access to pass harmlessly through the barrier.[1] A force projector acts as a barrier to the entryway of Grit Gate until the player completes the More Than a Willing Spirit quest, at which point the player is granted access to walk through the force projection barrier and enter Grit Gate.

Force projectors consume 1 base charge while operational, plus 90 charge per tile that their forcefield projects into, up to a maximum of 9 tiles.


This information is reliable as of patch
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