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rock tumbler
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Rock Tumbler

Charge per Use


Charge Used For







Extra info:
  • Can be walked on/through
  • Made out of Metal
  • EMP sensitive
  • Can receive electrical grid power, up to 1000 charge per turn
  • Can receive hydraulic power, up to 1000 charge per turn
  • Weighs 150 lbs
rock tumbler

Rubber lines the inner topology of a motorized barrel. A kettle of ebon carbide grit sits in the underchamber ready to abrade.


A rock tumbler is a mechanism that can run on either electric power or hydraulic power. While it is connected to an active electric or hydraulic power grid, it can be used to tumble rough gemstones into their more valuable smooth gemstone equivalents. Doing so will not remove the item mods, such as extradimensional, from a gemstone, but will remove the maker's mark of legendary merchants, as well as the names of legendary enemies turned into gems.

Each rock tumbler, whether powered or unpowered, will contain 1-31-3 (Avg: 2) random gemstones from the Gemstones table when it is first generated. The player can add or remove items from a rock tumbler similar to a chest. Whenever an actively powered rock tumbler has one or more rough gemstones inside of it, it will consume 5 power from the local power grid each turn as it attempts to tumble the rock. There is a 5% chance per turn that the rough gemstone will be converted into its smooth equivalent, at which time the player will see a message similar to the following in the message log:[1][2]

The rock tumbler tumbles a rough topaz gemstone into a smooth topaz gemstone.

One rock tumbler is always present in Bep's workshop in the Yd Freehold.


This information is reliable as of patch
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