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Broadcast power can be transmitted remotely either between objects in the same zone or from satellites to objects that are anywhere on or near the surface of Caves of Qud.[1][2]

Objects must be specially designed to receive broadcast power. Some objects have this capability built-in, but it can also be enabled for energy cells by applying the radio-powered mod. Depending on the object, its status as a broadcast power receiver may be obvious when looking at the object, or it may require a techscanning apparatus for the viewer to identify that the object can use broadcast power.

This object has a broadcast power receiver that can pick up electrical charge either from satellites if not too far underground or from a nearby broadcast power transmitter.

A broadcast power system is found in Grit Gate[3], where Rodanis Y is perhaps the most iconic example of broadcast power in use. Rodanis Y's state of activation is determined entirely by whether the Grit Gate broadcast power station is currently turned on and operational. Rodanis Y will be deactivated whenever the broadcast power station is off or broken.

Satellite Power Reception

By default, objects with a broadcast power receiver can receive power up to a maximum depth of 2 strata underground. Radio-powered objects, however, can receive satellite power at deeper depths depending on the tier of the item which is modded. For more information about those depths, refer to the radio-powered page.[2][4]

Satellite Power Occlusion

Occasionally, the radio signals used to broadcast power via satellite will be blocked by random objects. These causes can be either "orbital debris", "a glass storm", "a flock of birds", "acid rain", "drift film", or "an unidentified anomaly", and the exact cause of occlusion can be seen upon viewing the item with a techscanning apparatus. The exact percentages are located within GlobalConfig.json. By default, there is a 0.5% chance a game tick of the radio waves being occluded, preventing any charge to devices with a broadcast power receiver. Once they are blocked, there is a 1.5% chance every game tick of clearing up and resuming to charge.[2]

Satellite power being occluded does not interfere with power from broadcast power stations.

Objects That Generate Broadcast Power

Objects That Can Receive Broadcast Power


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