Quantum rippler

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quantum rippler
Quantum rippler

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Quantum Rippler

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quantum rippler

Out of a gold-plated box, kaleidoscopic tiles and tones harmonize over several dimensions.


A quantum rippler is a high-tech device that appears to be designed to help stabilize spacetime vortices.

Quantum ripplers are vulnerable to reality stabilization effects, which can cause them to implode and generate a neutron flux explosion with a force of 20,000 and ♥12d10+300312-420 (Avg: 366) damage. [1]

There are two types of quantum ripplers - one that is powered by broadcast power[2], and one that is powered by grid (electric or hydraulic) power[3]. The broadcast power version can receive up to 100 charge from broadcast power per turn, while the grid version can receive up to 1000 electric or hydraulic power per turn.


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