Solar condenser

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solar condenser
Solar condenser


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Solar Condenser

Charge per Use


Charge Used For

CoolingSystem [1], CollectionSystem [5]

Max Volume

128 drams

Liquid Generation

1 dram of water every 100-400100-400 (Avg: 250) turns





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general, electronics

Spawns in


Extra info:
  • Made out of Metal
  • EMP sensitive
  • Has a capacitor (10 recharge per turn up to max 2000; starts with 00 charge)
  • Can absorb up to 10 charge per turn from solar power
  • Leaks when broken (10-20% per turn)
  • Weighs 200 lbs
  • Can be animated
solar condenser

Chrome flanges maximize the surface area for evaporated air to re-settle as distilled dew.


A solar condenser is a device that uses solar power to extract pure, fresh water from the air through the process of temperature-induced condensation. It consumes 6 charge per turn to operate, but absorbs 10 charge per turn from sunlight during the daytime. The excess 4 charge per turn is stored in the solar condenser's capacitor, which allows it to continue running throughout most of the night using stored energy until it runs out of power shortly before dawn. It produces 1 dram of fresh water every 100-400100-400 (Avg: 250) turns, which it stores inside itself. It has a maximum volume of 128 drams.[1][2][3][4]

Four solar condensers can be found in Yd Freehold.[5] Attempting to collect the water from these solar condensers will anger the villagers and turn them hostile against the player.


This information is reliable as of patch
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