Nano-neuro animator

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nano-neuro animator
Commerce Value
Charge per Use

5000 Fidget cell: not functionalLead-acid cell: not functionalSolar cell: not functionalCombustion cell: 1 useChem cell: 2 usesThermoelectric cell: 8 usesBiodynamic cell: 12 usesNuclear cell: 20 usesAntimatter cell: 40 usesMecha power core: 100 uses

Charge Used For

Object Animation






Can Disassemble


Can Build


Tinker Skill

Tinker III

Mods?Mods this item can support
(subject to additional logic & rules)

general, electronics


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Neuro Animator

Spawns in


Extra Info:
nano-neuro animator

Spurred on by their aspiration for a fully autonomous, climate-controlled banana grove, Research and Development at Hegemonic Fruit devised the neuro animator, which knits a nervous system into the inorganic material of inanimate objects. Originally, full sentience was their product diffentiator, but within months cheaper alternates like Spray-a-Brain came to dominate the market.


The nano-neuro animator is an item that can imbue inanimate objects with life. It can only be used on objects in the AnimatableFurniture table, and consumes 5000 charge per use from the slotted energy cell. It is an effective method of bringing many different objects to life. The animation effect of this item is identical to the effect caused by Spray-a-Brain.[1]

After an object is brought to life, it will gain a full body plan of equip-able slots and default body "weapons" (similar to fists) based on its object type, and will have the animated prefix added to its name. It will become able to move around and speak, and will be associated with the newly sentient beings faction. It is possible for the newly animated object to be hostile to its creator based on this faction association.

Once animated, the object remains independent and will not consider the creature that brought them to life to be their party leader. To recruit the animated object as a follow requires additional effort, such as through Beguiling.


This information is reliable as of patch
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