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While usually creatures in Qud die only by taking sufficient damage, some methods of death bypass damage altogether and kill regardless of how much HP one has.

Methods of Instant Death

Some instant death methods grant an achievement when the player dies this way. These are noted in the “Achievement” column when present.

Some methods kill the player even if they are currently dominating another creature and that creature is the one affected. These have a “Yes” in the “Kills dominator?” column.

A lack of message in the “Message” column indicates that instead of the usual “You died. [Message]” dialog, that method gives the fallback “You die! (good job)” dialog, which happens when no death message is specified in the code that causes the death.

Method Achievement Kills dominator? Message
Reaching higher than 10,000°, causing instant vaporization[1] No You were vaporized.
Losing your last remaining head to decapitation[2] Hole Like a Head No You were decapitated by [someone].
Violating the Pauli exclusion principle while phasing[3] The Laws of Physics Are Mere Suggestions, Vol. 1 No You violated the Pauli exclusion principle.
Getting hit by the gaze of a Lithofex.pnglithofex[4] No You were turned to stone by the gaze of a lithofex.
Standing in the path of a burrowed Salt kraken.pngsalt kraken unknown unknown
Drinking or cooking with Neutronflux.pngneutron flux (specifically drinking or cooking with it; other actions with flux merely do large amounts of damage)[5] Starry Demise No You were crushed under the weight of a thousand suns.
Being turned into a gem by a gemming attack[6] No You were transmuted into [a gem].
Dropping below 1 Willpower while wielding the Amaranthine prism.pngamaranthine prism[7] No You had a dream, which was not all a dream. The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars did wander darkling in the eternal space.
Being any temporary forcefield (such as from a Stasis grenade mk i.pngstasis grenade mk I, Force Bubble, or Force Wall) who was animated with Sprayabrain.pngSpray-a-Brain and running out the duration of the effect that spawned you (or, in the case of Ovw grit gate.pngGrit Gate's entrance barrier, walking away so that you are disconnected from the originating Force projector.pngforce projector) Yes
Running out the duration of Temporal Fugue when one is a fugue clone (Domination works on other creatures' fugue clones but not your own)[8][9] Yes
Being a wall and getting slammed (including by yourself)[10] Yes
Absorbing Lava.pnglava while metamorphed into a Soupy sludge.pngsoupy sludge or morphing into a magmatic sludge, and have one's temperature go below flaming No You cooled into a block of shale.
Having one's original body destroyed when one is dominating another creature (caused by, e.g., any effect on this page being applied to the dominator's body while they're away)[11] N/A Your original body was lost.
Having the creature one is dominating destroyed while still occupying it (This applies to any other entry on this table that has a “Yes” in the “Kills dominator?” column) N/A Your mind winks out of existence.

Not Normally Possible for the Player

The following methods of instant death are impossible for the player to do without wishes.

Method Kills dominator? Message
Having one's flywheel disabled, such as by becoming broken from examining oneself, when one is a Norm core mk i.pngnorm core mk I, Norm core mk ii.pngnorm core mk II, or Norm core mk iii.pngnorm core mk III[12] No Your flywheel failed catastrophically.
Being gas and dissipating or merging with another cloud of gas[13] No You dissipated.
Being shot with a Nullray pistol.pngnullray pistol when one is Normality gas.pngnormality gas[14] No


This information is reliable as of patch
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