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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Security cards are items that grant access to Security door.pngsecurity doors, and also allow activating or deactivating certain items that have a power switch. Psychometry can grant some, but not all, of the benefits of security cards. In particular, security cards can allow the holder to deactivate turrets, but Psychometry cannot.

Basic Security Cards

These security cards can be obtained as village quest rewards or found as randomly generated loot in the world. They work in a hierarchical fashion - the Military security card.pngmilitary security card has the highest access level and can do everything that lower-level security cards can do. It is also the rarest of the security cards.

Object Security-Based
Security Card
laborer maintenance emergency-services law-enforcement military
Security door.pngred security door open
Musket turret.pngmusket turret activate/deactivate
Security door yellow.pngyellow security door open
Rifle turret.pngrifle turret activate/deactivate
Microturret.pngmicroturret activate/deactivate
Norm core mk i.pngnorm core†† activate/deactivate
Industrial fan.pngindustrial fan activate/deactivate
Force projector.pngforce projector activate/deactivate
Broadcast power station.pngbroadcast power station activate/deactivate
Fusion power station.pngfusion power station activate/deactivate
Fusion pumping station.pngfusion pumping station activate/deactivate
Hydraulic irrigator.pnghydraulic irrigator activate/deactivate
Security door green.pnggreen security door open
Chaingun turret.pngchaingun turret activate/deactivate
Security door blue.pngblue security door open
Laser turret.pnglaser turret activate/deactivate
Chain laser emplacement.pngchain laser emplacement
(non-Grit Gate)†
Security door purple.pngpurple security door open
Rocket turret.pngrocket turret activate/deactivate

† Objects in Ovw grit gate.pngGrit Gate can only be activated or deactivated by the Chrome security card.pngchrome security card.

†† Applies to all Norm core mk i.pngnorm cores: mk I, II, and III.

Dynamic weapon turrets dropped by Dynamic turret tinker.pngdynamic turret tinkers and their single-weapon counterparts can also be activated or deactivated by security cards. The type of card needed depends on the tier of the missile weapon used by the dynamic turret. Missile weapons of tiers 5-8 require a Military security card.pngmilitary security card. Tiers 4 and below require each of the 4 remaining security cards in descending order of access level.

Quest-Related Security Cards

These security cards (and keys) are obtained during the course of the game's main quest.