Ganglionic teleprojector

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ganglionic teleprojector
Charge per Use

1010 Solar cell: 2 usesFidget cell: 2 usesLead-acid cell: 3 usesCombustion cell: 5 usesChem cell: 9 usesThermoelectric cell: 39 usesBiodynamic cell: 59 usesNuclear cell: 99 usesAntimatter cell: 198 usesMecha power core: 495 uses

Charge Used For

Initiate Domination [1000], Maintain Domination [10]





Mods?Mods this item can support
(subject to additional logic & rules)

helmet, headwear, general, electronics



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Ganglionic Teleprojector

Worn On


Spawns in


Extra Info:
ganglionic teleprojector

The teleprojector is a fluted visor of fused tungsten filament. Two antennae coil out of the temples.


After 100 turns of being worn, the ganglionic teleprojector attunes to your physiology, then grants you the ability to activate a version of domination that only works against robots.[1]

Activating a ganglionic teleprojector to attempt domination normally requires 1000 charge, and maintaining domination normally requires 10 charge per turn. The domination will end if 400 turns pass or if the ganglionic teleprojector runs out of power, whichever comes first.

Success roll:

Overloading a ganglionic teleprojector will provide a +2 bonus to the success roll. Every 5 points of Compute power provides a +1 bonus to the success roll, and each point of compute power will also increase maximum duration by 4 turns. [2]


  • If an Overloaded ganglionic teleprojector breaks when used to dominate a robotic creature, the player will permanently dominate the creature. This can be used to permanently dominate certain creatures for which it would otherwise be difficult to do so, such as miners.
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