Gentling cone

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gentling cone
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headwear, general



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Gentling Collar

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-1 Ego

Extra Info:
gentling cone

In wool paper and acrylic the pain of experience is smoothed away into the uniform child's cone. Arterial clamps peek out from the interior surface. The cone is fastened by a brass chain, adorned by beads of glass, and branded on the apex with the Holy Rhombus, a sign of the price of innocence.

-1 Ego
Cannot be removed once equipped.


A gentling cone is headwear that is most often found being worn by the 'domesticated' followers of a newfather. Like some other gear, it cannot be removed once equipped. Unlike the gentling mask, severing the body part it is attached to is not possible for most creatures. To remove the cone, fill a spray bottle with acid or lava and spray it till it breaks.