Dagasha's spur

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
Dagasha's spur
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Dagasha's Spur

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Dagasha's spur

This crown of thorns points outward, but its wearer's mind is pierced all the same, drawing in will and broadcasting power. Receiving that broadcast, allies fold themselves thin and stitch new folds in the fabric of existence.

Companions gain Teleportation 1.


Dagasha's spur is a unique item that can be gotten from choosing to free Dagasha in the quest Fraying Favorites. When it is worn, it requires 100 turns to fully boot up. Once fully booted up, all of the wearer's followers will gain Teleportation at level 1.

Recall Story

[ Dagasha Remembers ]

If we'd all done as I said, none of this would have happened. I can’t remember what I said, nor why we didn't all do it. But I know I was right, and so do you, and at some point everyone will. I may not be without fault or error, but the fault is not mine here, nor anywhere else.

I knew, and I told. These were the things I was for. I knew and I told, and I could yet have known, could have told, but my knowing and telling wasn’t enough. Not in this case.

I cannot deny that it was an expert betrayal even for family, and I often imagine the betrayer smiling down at us. I shall endeavor to remember the details I lost, in case I might be able to use them someday.

Not on you, of course. Never on you.