Fraying Favorites

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Fraying Favorites
Given By




NPCs Involved

Lebah, k-Goninon, Dadogom, Doyoba, Gyamyo, Yona

This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Agyra says that Lebah has recently come across a repulsive device.


Talk to Lebah

XP: 500

  • Ask Lebah about eir encounter with the repulsive device.

Lebah can typically be found in or near eir crevice, which is located inside the mopango settlement in the northwest corner of the Folk Catacombs.

Recover the Repulsive Device

XP: 4000

  • Locate k-Goninon in the Folk Catacombs and recover the repulsive device.

Find k-Goninon and retrieve the repulsive device, either by killing the ooze or, with neutral or better reputation with oozes, by trading.

Optional: Speak with the Watchers

XP: 0

  • Ask the mopango watchers Dadogom, Doyoba, Gyamyo, and Yona about the repulsive device.

Dadogom (who watches Va'am), Doyoba (who watches Nacham), Gyamyo (who watches Kah), and Yona (who watches Dagasha) will all spawn in the same zone as the Child of the Tomb they have been watching, although they may wander to adjacent zones.

Use the Repulsive Device

XP: 4000

  • Choose how to best apply the repulsive device.

Typically, one Child/Watcher pair each will spawn in the Folk Catacombs, Crematory, the Lower Crypts, and the Upper Crypts.[1]


Rewards depend on which of the four Children were chosen to use the repulsive device on.


  • The repulsive device is one of the few items that may not be duplicated with metamorphic polygel.[2][3] It may, however, be duplicated by certain rare events that duplicate both the player character and the player character's inventory.
  • The repulsive device will remain in the Child's inventory after the player is granted the reward for freeing it. It may not be traded for, but an unscrupulous player may kill or dominate the Child and reuse the device to gain the rewards from the other Children.


Caution: This article or section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.
  • The four Children seem to roughly correspond to four of the Argent Fathers (except Shekhinah and Resheph): Va'am's Lens is similar to Bel's epochal aegis; Carthax was an athlete, a runner, and so is Kah; Dagon the orator wore a crown, like Dagasha (who "knew and told") and his Spur; and Nisroch the star mason (i.e. crafter) had a favorite sash, which can be likened to tinker-aiding Nacham's Ribbon.


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