Landing Pads

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Landing Pads


Given By



newly sentient beings

Reputation gained


NPCs Involved

slynth, Thah

[ Thah ]

I don't believe my people wish to stay here, but we have had so little, ah, meaningful contact with other sapient creatures. We have no allies. We have nowhere to go but here.

You travel far and wide, do you not? You have the air of a traveling hero! From the epics. As such, you have seen many settlements, likely ingratiated yourself to some.

Surely, if you were to intercede on our behalf, some might welcome us? If, ah, let us say three settlements were to offer us shelter, this would grant us both direction and agency. Would you consider being our ambassador? Not unpaid.

Up to ten settlements can be convinced to host the slynth, including any randomly generated villages and a few characters or locations not technically considered settlements. However, some settlements are dramatically easier to raise reputation with than others: the player is almost guaranteed to be revered by the Barathrumites by the time they reach the hydropon and the Mechanimists' approval can be bought at the sacred well, but random villages will require careful planning and likely hunting down numerous legendary creatures or Schrodinger pages.


Consult Settlements

XP: 0

  • Convince the leaders of at least three settlements to provide sanctuary for the slynth.

Success is determined by whether the player is revered by the settlement leader's faction.

Sanctuary Candidates

XP: 0

  • These factions have agreed to host the slynth.

Bid the Slynth to Choose

XP: 0

  • Tell Thah to convene the slynth and make a decision.


You found a new home for a young people.


The potential locations are Joppa, Grit Gate, the Six Day Stilt, Kyakukya, Bey Lah, Ezra, Tomb of the Eaters (the mopango enclave), the Yd Freehold, Chavvah (via speaking to Dyvvrach), and pariahs (via speaking to Lulihart, hindren pariah).