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Villagers of Ezra


banana grove


Mayor Haddas

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Ezra is a small village located in the northwest zone of the same parasang as Omonporch. The village is home to many banana ranchers and their banana trees. The mayor is Mayor Haddas, a sentient tree located near the northeast. The center holds a store of up to 120 drams of fresh water, but must be broken into forcefully to take.

To the northwest corner is a small workshop populated by the tinker Yla Haj, with Sixshrew the merchant in a neighboring alcove. Just north of this building are several cables that lead their way within the Tomb of the Eaters. However, digging further leads to only solid rock.

The graveyard lies in the southwest corner, guarded by Zothom the Penitent, who gives the quest The Buried Watchers. This is also where Rebekah was buried, according to the history of Resheph.

The signature dish of this village is Goat in Sweet Leaf.

Interactive Map

Mayor HaddasGoat in Sweet LeafWarden 1-FFZothom the PenitentYla HajSixshrewto the Arcade to the Twin GatesEzra.png
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Caution: This section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.
  • Technically, the ebon fulcrete wall segment at the very top of the screen, to which Yla Haj's wires are connected, is a fusion-powered wall block, acting similarly to a fusion power station and powering many of the objects in Yla Haj's abode.[1][2] One might conjecture that this is only due to mechanical limitations of power sources working in the current zone, and that the true intent is to suggest Yla Haj is stealing power from within the Tomb, which itself contains many vast electrical networks and 22 different fusion power stations scattered throughout.


This information is reliable as of patch
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