Goat in Sweet Leaf

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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch
Goat in Sweet Leaf



Goat jerky.pnggoat jerky
Sundried banana.pngsun-dried banana
Fermented yondercane.pngfermented yondercane


Can use Psychometry at level 1-2.
Whenever you take damage, there's a 12-15% chance you teleport all creatures surrounding you.

Has Plants


Has Fungus


Would you share the favorite dish of Ezra's villagers?

Goat in Sweet Leaf is the signature dish taught by the villagers of Ezra, specifically Mayor haddas.pngMayor Haddas. If Goat and Sweet Leaf is eaten by someone who already has Psychometry, their level will be boosted by 3-4.