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Consortium of Phyta (Loved100 Reputation)
villagers of Ezra (Liked50 Reputation)





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675 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 201 lbs
  • Damaged normally by defoliant

Limbs* (Cactus): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Sharp leaves burst forth from a decorative pot like a verdant geyser frozen in place. The leaves twitch with an irritation at every offending stimulus, an assumption you might consider conjecture if not for the strong telepathic aura of frustration exuding from xyr leafy form.


Sixshrew is a sapient mutated plant member of the Consortium of Phyta and villagers of Ezra factions. Xe runs the Consortium tradepost in the northwestern corner of Ezra.[1]


Sixshrew is an irritable sentient succulent. Xe claims to have been "unceremoniously dumped" in Ezra after "decades of service", presumably referring to the Consortium of Phyta; this may be the reason for xyr ornery disposition. Xe is quite rude and sarcastic, and seems to harbor a distaste for non-plant life, referring to creatures of flesh as "meat-beings". When asked, xe declines to answer why xe is called "Sixshrew", and begins calling the player a "pest".

Sixshrew especially seems to dislike Yla Haj, who lives right next door to xem. Xe refers to Yla Haj as a "fleshy tinker" and complains of the "racket" she produces "day and night", which travels easily through "the thinnest, most conductive walls ever crafted". Yla Haj similarly seems to dislike Sixshrew, as when asked what she thinks of xem, she simply replies: "I don't."


Sixshrew is a general merchant, and is notable for stocking relatively high-tier items and equipment. Xe will periodically restock xyr wares, which are generated in accordance with the following table.[2]

Ware Quantity
Something from Ammo 2 250-375
Something from Ammo 1 20-75
Something from Junk 5 5-7
Something from Junk 6 5-7
Something from Junk 7 5-7
Something from Food 5 5-7
Something from Ammo 3 3-5
Something from Ammo 4 3-5
Something from Ammo 5 3-5
canteen with 1d65-10-64 (Avg: 32) drams of water 4
empty waterskin 4
torch 4


Sixshrew will begin neutral to the player, but will become hostile if the player attacks xem or any Consortium of Phyta members within view of xem. Xe will also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Consortium of Phyta falls low enough. Xe will not become hostile if the player is seen attacking or stealing from the villagers of Ezra, however.

Notably, due to xyr Consortium of Phyta affiliation, Sixshrew will be hostile to players with enough fungal infections.


Sixshrew only comes with one piece of equipment, a clay pot, which will grant xem an AV bonus of ♦3. Xe possesses no weaponry, and will simply attack in melee with xyr manipulators, which are equivalent to xyr fists.[3]


Sixshrew possesses the Cudgel Proficiency and Berate skills. The former will increase Sixshrew's accuracy when attacking with xyr manipulators, and the latter will allow Sixshrew to inflict shamed on a target.[3]


Sixshrew possesses Burgeoning at mutation level 3, Confusion at level 4, Force Bubble at level 2, Photosynthetic Skin at level 1, and Telepathy.[3] Burgeoning allows Sixshrew to summon allied plants to fight for xem; Confusion allows Sixshrew to confuse xyr targets; and Force Bubble allows Sixshrew to surround xemself with forcefields for protection.


Subpage: Sixshrew/Conversations


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