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oddly-hued glowpad
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Consortium of Phyta (Loved100 Reputation)



Light Radius?This object acts as
a light source


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1000 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs
  • Damaged normally by defoliant

Limbs* (Flower): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
oddly-hued glowpad

This glowpad seems to be... running a small shop?


The oddly-hued glowpad is a legendary mutated plant member of the Consortium of Phyta. They are, as their name implies, a glowpad with an odd cyan hue.


The oddly-hued glowpad is, apparently, a merchant of the Consortium of Phyta, as they ask if they can "interest" the player in "some Consortium wares". Little else is known about them, as they have no other dialogue and are not mentioned by any other characters or sources. The reasoning for their odd hue is also unknown.


A zone that has significantly more brinestalk than usual, signifying that the glowpad is nearby. In this photo, they are in the upper left corner.

The oddly-hued glowpad will always be located in the center zone of a random salt marsh parasangAn area made of 3x3 screens, which is represented as one tile on the overworld map.. The entire parasang where the glowpad is found will be covered in dense brinestalk rather than being predominantly watervine, which can make spotting the glowpad difficult. Their exact coordinates within the zone are randomized.[1]

The exact location of the oddly-hued glowpad is a secret, which can be obtained by trading secrets with legendary members of the Consortium of Phyta. This will be noted as "a secluded merchant from the Consortium of Phyta" under the "Oddities" section of the Journal. Curiously, the oddly-hued glowpad themself can reveal this secret to the player.[2]

After ending a conversation with them for the first time, the player will note the location of the oddly-hued glowpad in their Journal under the "Merchants" section, and will receive the following popup message:[3]

You now know the location of an oddly-hued glowpad merchant.


The oddly-hued glowpad is a merchant, and is notable for stocking a variety of different items of various tiers. While they restock their wares, they have a much longer restock frequency than a standard merchant, being 16,800 ticks (14 in-game days) instead of 6,000 ticks (5 days).[4]

Item Quantity
Item from Junk 1 4-8
Item from Junk 2 4-8
Item from Junk 3 4-8
Item from Junk 4 4-8
Item from Junk 5 2-4
Item from Junk 6 1-2
Grit Gate recoiler 1
Joppa recoiler 1

The Joppa recoiler will still be in stock if the player has chosen an alternate starting village.


The oddly-hued glowpad will begin neutral to the player, but will become hostile if the player attacks them or any Consortium of Phyta members within view of them. They can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Consortium of Phyta falls low enough.

Notably, due to their Consortium of Phyta affiliation, the oddly-hued glowpad will be hostile to players with enough fungal infections.


The oddly-hued glowpad will attack in melee with their \bite, a natural short blade weapon that deals ♥1d31-3 (Avg: 2) damage and is permanently equipped on their "blossom", which is equivalent to their head.[5]

They don't come with any other standard equipment, but can utilize certain items from their stocked wares, such as tonics, when in combat.


The oddly-hued glowpad has two mutations, Gills and Displacement, each at mutation level 12.[6] However, neither of these mutations have any function.


The oddly-hued glowpad, like other glowpads, gives off light in a circular, 2 tile radius.[6][7]

Unlike other glowpads, the oddly-hued glowpad is not limited to only being able to move in water, and is able to move freely as other creatures can. They will not randomly wander when idle, however.

They will never spawn hated by fish or unshelled reptiles.

Speaking with the oddly-hued glowpad for the first time will grant the player the Psst. achievement.[3]

Water Ritual

If the player performs the water ritual with the oddly-hued glowpad and has sufficient reputation with the Consortium of Phyta, they can teach the player the Snake Oiler skill. The player can also trade secrets with, and recruit the oddly-hued glowpad as a companion, in this way. Finally, the player is able to buy the oddly-hued glowpad's most valuable item with reputation through the water ritual.[2]


[ Oddly-hued glowpad ]


Hey, can I interest you in some Consortium wares?

1) !!!!? [End]


This information is reliable as of patch
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