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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Movement speed (MS) is an attribute that controls the action cost of moving.

Movement speed can't be adjusted during character generation, and is not affected by other attributes, such as agility. The player and most other characters begin with a default movement speed of 100.


How fast a character moves is determined by a combination of quickness (QN) and movement speed (MS).

  • Quickness determines how fast a character is overall. It affects all actions, including moving, attacking, using items, and just about anything else a character can do. For that reason, if you have a choice between increasing your quickness or your movement speed, it is generally preferable to increase your quickness.
  • Movement speed is a more specialized attribute that affects only movement actions. Improving your movement speed can allow your character to move multiple spaces in a single turn (or, more commonly, to move one extra space during the course of a few turns), helping you to outrun enemies, escape dangerous situations, or keep your distance as you fight an enemy with a ranged weapon.


Characters generate a certain number of action points each turn equal to ten times their quickness (QN) value, or QN x 10. Each time a character moves, the character expends some or all of those action points, depending on their movement speed.

Moving consumes a number of action points equal to 100000 ÷ MS.

If your movement speed and your quickness are both equal to 100, this means that you can move exactly once per turn.

Action points generated per turn
QN × 10
Action cost of a single movement
Total movements per turn
QN × MS10,000

Increases in movement speed follows a simple logic based on how much greater it is than the base movespeed of 100. 150 movespeed means that you will move 1.5 times faster than normal. For example, with 100 quickness, you will see the following behavior as your movement speed increases:

  • 100 MS - You move 1 time each turn
  • 120 MS - You move 1.2 times each turn (6 times every 5 turns)
  • 150 MS - You move 1.5 times each turn
  • 180 MS - You move 1.8 times each turn
  • 190 MS - You move 1.9 times each turn
  • 200 MS - You move 2 times each turn

Because of this, negative decreases will have more significant impacts to how often you can move. 50 movespeed means moving 0.5 times a turn, half that of the base movespeed; However, +50 is moving 1.5 times instead of double the movespeed.

Movement speed is capped at 2000, although this value is hard to achieve in practice.

Modifying Movement Speed

These things directly modify a character's movement speed, changing the action cost of a single movement, and thus the number of movements the character may take per turn.

Name Type Movement Effect
bounding boots equipment +15 movement speed while worn, along with increased sprint speed.
Dazed effect -10 temporary movement speed.
Dismembered (feet) effect -20 movement speed as long as the feet are dismembered. (penalty may vary depending on number of feet)
elastyne slippers equipment +10 movement speed while equipped.
Greased equipment modifier -5 movement speed while worn.
Heavy Weapons without Tank type of equipment -25 movement speed while equipped.
Hobbled (short sword skill) effect -50% temporary movement speed for 16-20 rounds.
hyper-elastic ankle tendons cybernetic implant +6 movement speed while implanted.
interdictor enemy -10 temporary movement speed for each interdiction beam focused on the character.
Ironshank disease -8 to -80 movement speed. This penalty worsens the longer the character is infected.
Lovesick effect -5 temporary movement speed.
magnetized boots equipment -5 movement speed while worn.
motorized treads cybernetic implant +150 permanent movement speed.
Multiple Legs physical mutation +20 permanent movement speed per mutation level.
nocturnal apex cybernetic implant +10 temporary movement speed while activated.
Prone effect -80 temporary movement speed until you stand up.
rocket skates equipment +5 movement speed while worn.
sandals of the river-wives equipment +5 movement speed while worn.
skulk injector (in darkness) effect +25% or +40% temporary movement speed while active, depending on whether the user is a mutant or a True Kin.
skulk injector (in daylight) effect -20% temporary movement speed while active.
Spring-loaded equipment modifier +5 to +10 movement speed while worn.
Stony effect -1d6 cumulative movement speed penalty per turn, for 14-18 turns.
Tasty cooking effect bonus effect +6% temporary movement speed while active.
ultra-elastic ankle tendons cybernetic implant +10 movement speed while implanted.
yeshyrskin slippers equipment +20 movement speed while worn.
Swimming in pools of 2000+ drams effect -50% when active
Wading in pools of 200-2000 drams effect -20% when active

Additional Types of Movement

Beyond your movement speed attribute, there are many additional ways to change the speed at which you move, or cause you to move around without directly modifying your movement speed.

Some common examples include:


In XML and the game code, movespeed is stored as a penalty to the base movespeed. This means that it increases when negative numbers are added to the stat. Wishing for stat:MoveSpeed:0 will set the movespeed to the base 100. Setting movespeed to 0 requires wishing it to 100.