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Effect Type

Activity-based, Minor, Negative, Removable


-6 Agility.
-5 DV.
-80 move speed.
Must spend a turn to stand up.

If a creature is knocked prone, they require one turn to stand back up again. If prone on an object that can be laid on, such as a bedroll, the creature's effect is renamed to lying on (object). Creatures that do not have any body part that is feet-like, roots-like, nor contribute any mobility cannot be knocked prone.

The Movement Speed penalty does not have any effect, as prone creatures cannot move and getting back up is an action dependent on Quickness.

Ways to go prone

Creatures can become prone in several ways:

Causes Save Type Difficulty
sewage eels tripping them over (as they appear) Agility 16
Shield Slam Strength Vs. Attacker's Strength 20
Bilge Sphincter's spewing Strength/Agility 17
Swipe (defensive stance) Strength/Agility 30
Moving while overdosed on a rubbergum injector 35% chance, no save
Flattening Fire none
Falling asleep none
Choosing to roll on the ground for firefighting none

Falling prone in harmful liquids can inflict multiple possible effects on the victim.

Liquid Effect on Prone
black ooze ironshank onset (if on even Z-levels) or glotrot onset (on odd Z-levels)
brown sludge attempt to rust 3 metal items equipped or in the inventory with a 75% chance
green goo inflicts level 10 poisoned with ♥ 1d2+23-4 (Avg: 3.5) damage per turn and a duration of (1d2+2)d2 turns if the toughness save of 30 fails