Brown sludge

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brown sludge
When on/in other objects/liquids:
sludgy liquid
sludgy object
sludge-stained object
Starts Flaming at


Vaporizes at


Base temperature



Cooking Effect

self-poisoning effects

Value per dram


Weight per dram






Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?



SludgePuddle, SludgePool

Liquid ID

Brown sludge is a harmful common liquid in the depths of Golgotha. An item or creature covered in brown sludge is sludgy..

Becoming prone in brown sludge chooses three random metal objects in the creatures inventory or equipment.

Brown sludge splashes into your mouth. You wince at the metallic taste.

There is a 75% chance for each object to rust.

Brown sludge (along with green goo and black ooze) has a chance of containing sewage eels.

Sources of Brown Sludge

  • Pools of brown sludge can be found on the floor of Golgotha.
  • brown jells will explode upon death with an 80% chance of brown sludge spawning in each adjecent tile. Each tile of brown sludge will have a 25% chance of containing a hidden sewage eel.
  • Will sometimes be sold by ichor merchants, one of which is guaranteed to spawn in the Stiltgrounds.
  • The alchemist is guaranteed to have one dram of brown sludge for sale.

Uses of Brown Sludge

  • If the player has any way of making an enemy prone, forcing them to fall in this liquid will rust their equipment.
  • One dram is a component of the Cloaca Surprise.

Consuming Brown Sludge

Drinking brown sludge returns the following messages:

It's horrifying!

You feel sick!

Doing so does not influence hydration in any way.

It will then inflict the imbiber with poison that causes the creature to take ♥1d2+23-4 (Avg: 3.5) damage a turn for a duration of (1d2+2)d2 turns. Cooking with brown sludge will have the same effect.[1]


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