Molten wax

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molten wax
When on/in other objects/liquids:
waxen liquid
waxy object
wax-stained object
Starts Flaming at


Vaporizes at


Base temperature


Value per dram


Weight per dram




Cleaning factor


Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?



WaxPool, MoltenWaxPuddle

Liquid ID


Molten wax is a semi-hot, commercially worthless, and sticky liquid. Items containing or covered in wax are waxen or waxy. Drinking it will increase the subject's temperature by 100°. It weighs 0.5 lbs per dram.

If a creature in the same phase as the wax steps on it, they must make a strength and agility save of difficulty 10 + drams/100 * 5. If they fail this save, they will become stuck for a maximum of 12 turns with a strength save of 10 * drams/100 every turn to break free.

It is one of the few liquids that can never be required in a cure for any illness or fungal infection.

If a pool of primarily wax is on the ground and the temperature drops below 25°(the base room temperature), the wax will cool into a wax block if the volume is greater than or equal to 200 drams, or a small wax nodule if smaller. [1]

Sources of Molten Wax

Uses of Molten Wax

  • Molten wax can be consumed or poured on oneself to warm up and safely remove the frozen status.
  • Cold Blooded (D) characters can temporarily increase quickness by drinking or pouring molten wax on oneself.

Consuming Molten Wax

Drinking molten wax returns the following message:

It's hot and disgusting.

Doing so does not influence hydration in any way.


This information is reliable as of patch
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