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This is for illnesses and diseases. For fungal infections, see fungal infections.

Illnesses, sometimes referred to as diseases, are negative status effects creatures can contract through various means.

Illness Onset status Method of contraction
glotrot sore throat drinking black ooze, or getting hit by a black jell on odd-numbered floors
ironshank stiff legs drinking black ooze, or getting hit by a black jell on even-numbered floors
monochrome blurry vision getting bitten by an adiyy

When infected, only symptoms, or the onset of that illness, will be visible at first. Unlike other status effects, instead of going away after a period of time, these statuses have a chance to get worse and progress into the disease proper. Once the creature is infected with the full disease, it will not disappear unless administered a cure (Such as the one in the Corpus Choliys that is randomly generated per game).

Differences between Fungal Infections

Despite the fact that itchy skin is classified as an illness-based effect, it does not use the same save type and thus honey, yuckwheat, and anything affecting disease saves will not affect it. A full on fungal infection is also not an illness and will only be affected by mechanics specific to fungal infections. For more information, see fungal infections.


Illnesses have little effect early on, but are able to progress into further stages with worse symptoms. To determine whether or not the disease will progress, a counter will start as soon as the creature is infected. Every day after initial symptoms, or 1,200 game ticks (a player turn with 100 quickness), the game will make a toughness saving throw of difficulty 13. If the successful saves compared to the number of failed saves is two or greater, the disease onset will cure itself without progressing. If the number of failed saves versus the amount of successful saves is greater than 3, or a total of 5 days (6,000 game ticks) have passed, the onset will progress into the full illness.

Increasing Save Chance

A +3 bonus can be added to the save by cooking a meal that has the effect "+3 to saves vs. disease", typically using either yuckwheat or honey. The Porridge is an accessible source of this effect. Drinking honey or eating a raw yuckwheat stem without cooking them will also grant a +2 to the save of Ironshank or Monochrome, or a +3 to Glotrot. Consuming both uncooked honey and a raw yuckwheat stem will confer no further bonuses other than the initial +2/3 bonus. However, the cooked meal save bonus and raw snack save bonus can stack for a total of +5/6. Additionally, Ironshank can gain its +2 save bonus from drinking gel.

Method Save Bonus New Save (base chance to succeed)
Eating a raw yuckwheat stem or drinking honey for Monochrome, or either of the former or drinking gel for Ironshank +2 11 (45%)
Eating a cooked meal that has +3 save vs diseases, or eating a raw yuckwheat stem or drinking honey for Glotrot +3 10 (50%)
Eating a cooked meal and eating a raw yuckwheat stem/honey for Monochrome, or the meal and either of the latter or drinking gel for Ironshank +5 8 (60%)
Eating a cooked meal and eating a raw yuckwheat stem/honey for Glotrot +6 7 (65%)


Aside from succeeding saves, there are other ways of removing incubating or complete illnesses.

Individual cures for specific diseases can be found in the Corpus Choliys, and the details of each are found on their respective pages.

Additionally, while cooking with yuckwheat, there is a triggered effect where if successfully triggered, will cure an incubating disease at a 25% chance. Additionally, a recipe that cures a negative status effect will remove the onset of a disease, or the full disease. With Carbide Chef, a recipe can be created that combines one of these effects with a simple trigger such as drinking water, drinking honey or eating a yuckwheat stem, or eating a mushroom.

Creatures with level 5 Regeneration or higher will also naturally cure themselves from all illnesses.