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There are three types of scanning in the game: bioscanning, techscanning, and structural scanning. Each type provides insight into a category of creature and/or object.

The rules for which type of scanning apply to a given thing are:

  1. If the object blueprint has the tag Robot, techscanning applies.
  2. If the object has a TinkerItem part with CanBuild or CanDisassemble true, techscanning applies.
  3. If the object blueprint has the tag LivePlant or LiveFungus, bioscanning applies.
  4. If the object has a Combat or Brain part, and its integer property Inorganic is 0 or less, bioscanning applies.
  5. Otherwise, structural scanning applies.


Bioscanning performs a few functions:

  • The ♦AV, ○DV, and ♥HP of biological creatures is visible when looking at them.
    • This allows a player with Nerve Poppy (D) to compensate for their defect by looking at themselves.
  • Biological artifacts are treated as identified.

Items that provide bioscanning:

Structural scanning

Structural scanning makes the ♦AV, ○DV, and ♥HP of low-tech inanimate objects and non-robotic inorganic creatures visible when looking at them.

Items that provide structural scanning:


Techscanning performs a number of functions:

  • The ♦AV, ○DV, and ♥HP of robots and high-tech objects is visible when looking at them.
  • Technological artifacts are treated as identified.
  • The percentage charge level of energy cells and some other power storage systems is visible in their display names.
  • The names and operational statuses of various technological components of items and creatures are visible in their descriptions.
  • If an item capable of receiving broadcast power is currently unable to do so due to atmospheric or orbital phenomena, this fact and the reason for it are visible in the item's description.

Items that provide techscanning:


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Techscanning is useful when interacting with merchants, because you'll be able to see what all of the merchant's weird artifacts are.
  • Artifacts identified through scanning will stay identified even if the source of scanning is removed, but other artifacts of the same type will not be pre-identified if the artifact was not identified manually.