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Max Volume

4 drams

Liquid Generation

1 dram of wax every 50-10050-100 (Avg: 75) turns

Reputation Bonus

fungi: 200

Consortium of Phyta: -200



ID?Use this ID to Wish for the item


Worn On

10 Electrical

-5 Heat


A wax-weeping fungus has encased the appendage in a lucent cast. Body heat melts the innermost layer, and a thick, waxy milk sloshes against its hardened prison.

+200 reputation with fungi
-200 reputation with Consortium of Phyta
-5 Heat Resistance
+10 Electrical Resistance


Waxflab is a fungal infection that can affect a variety of body parts. The infection creates a cavity in the body that gradually fills up with molten wax, and also may overflow out onto the ground. The wax can be poured out or drank from like any other liquid container.

A waxflab infection takes up the infected body slot, preventing items from being equipped to that slot.

Each infection has the following effects on the player:

The infection has the following additional properties depending on which type of body part is infected:

Body Part Type Effect
Hand Acts as a ♥2d32-6 (Avg: 4) cudgel weapon with unlimited strength bonus (4/9999)
Body Provides ♦6 AV, ○-12 DV, and -4 Quickness
Feet Provides ♦3 AV, ○-3 DV, and -2 Quickness
Head Provides ♦3 AV, ○-3 DV, and -2 Quickness
Hands Provides ♦2 AV, ○-2 DV, and -2 Quickness
(Other) Provides ♦2 AV, ○-4 DV, and -2 Quickness