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Reputation Bonus

fungi: 200

Consortium of Phyta: -200



ID?Use this ID to Wish for the item


Light Radius?This object acts as
a light source


Worn On

10 Cold


Rime-dotted nodules crust over the infected skin, where an algid mist clings. The fungus colony has terraformed the epidermis into what looks like a miniature range of ice-capped peaks.

+200 reputation with fungi
-200 reputation with Consortium of Phyta
+10 Cold Resistance


Glowcrust is a fungal infection that can affect a variety of body parts. The infection sprouts an icy outcrop, which acts as an additional body part that will grow a luminous hoarshroom every 300-500 turns. The infection has a luminous glow, acting as a light source with a slightly smaller radius than a torch.

A fungal infection takes up the infected body slot, preventing items from being equipped to that slot.

Each glowcrust infection has the following effects on the player:

Additionally, glowcrust has a hidden effect of reducing your natural regeneration to 85% of its previous value while you are above ground during the day.[1] This does not stack with multiple glowcrust infections.

The infection has the following additional properties depending on which type of body part is infected:

Body Part Type Effect
Hand Acts as a ♥1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5) cudgel weapon with unlimited strength bonus (4/9999)
Body Provides ♦3 AV
(Other) Provides ♦1 AV
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