Luminous hoarshroom (food)

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AmboxVisage.png This article is about the consumable. For the harvestable fungus, see Luminous hoarshroom.
luminous hoarshroom





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Food Contains



Preserved into

freeze-dried hoarshrooms x8

Harvested from

luminous hoarshroom

Exotic Food


Spawns in


Extra Info:
luminous hoarshroom

Rime sparkles on the lampshade cap that glows with soft biolumin.

Duration: 180-220 rounds
You cast light in radius 2.
For the first 5 rounds after imbibing, you gain 0.6 hit points per level (minimum 3) each round.
+20 cold resistance
You cannot be poisoned.


A luminous hoarshroom is a food that can be harvested from luminous hoarshrooms (fungi) or purchased from apothecaries. When eaten, it provides satiation, light, temporary cold resistance and poison immunity, as well as five rounds of healing. It can also be selected as an exotic food when cooking and preserved into freeze-dried hoarshrooms.

A creature cannot become poisoned while under the effects of a luminous hoarshroom, but it does not cure an existing poisoned effect.

Luminous hoarshrooms are the only food (and only non-injector) items that are treated as tonics. As such, they can potentially produce adverse reactions (if the simultaneous tonic limit is exceeded or the creature is a mutant). This means that Tonic Allergy (D) applies to them as if they were tonics.

The freezing effect from the adverse reaction to these can be reduced but not prevented entirely by 100 cold resistance.

When consumed:

You feel a cool swelling as your organs start to glow through your skin.

When the duration expires:

The cool swelling deflates as your organs dim.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Luminous hoarshrooms can be useful zero-weight consumables to keep on hand throughout the game for their healing and protection vs. cold and poison.
  • Players may find the light-producing effect to be of less benefit due to the small radius that is exceeded by even early-game light sources.
  • Its healing is equivalent to that of a salve injector for mutants. For True Kin, however, a salve injector's healing effect is stronger.
  • Its healing ends well before the other effects end. If you wish to have continuous healing without risking overdose, you will need to use salve injectors instead.