Witchwood bark

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witchwood bark
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Witchwood Bark



Harvested from

witchwood wreath
witchwood tree

On Eat

Heals HP

Spawns in


witchwood bark

Lichen sticks in the winding grooves of woodshed, shimmering and smelling of spice.

Heals and confuses when eaten.

A warm tingling washes over you.

— upon consuming

Witchwood bark is an early game healing item that is harvested (using the Harvestry skill) from ripe witchwood trees, which have red bark instead of brown. They are also sold by apothecaries.

Consuming one will heal the user by ♥21–24 HP over the course of three turns (starting at 12–14 HP on the first turn and diminishing by 50% on each subsequent turn). However, if the strength of Confusion (1d8) is greater than the consumer's MA - (Amount eaten in a row) * 3, the creature will be inflicted with Confused for 5d35-15 (Avg: 10) turns. "In a row" in this case refers to the number of witchwood barks which are eaten within 15 turns of each other. [1]


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Passing the confusion save is directly tied to MA, so having high willpower will mitigate the confusion effects.
  • Once confused, there is no drawback to eating more, if you are able to find which item stack is the witchwood bark.
  • They are moderately cheap and available from all apothecaries, which make them near essential for the early game.
  • Strategies for combating Confused apply here.
  • While harvestry makes acquiring large amounts of witchwood bark easier, it is also a viable strategy to buy it, due to its extremely low commerce value and thus price.


Caution: This article or section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.
  • Witchwood bark may be inspired by real-life willow bark, which can provide an Aspirin-like painkiller effect when chewed.


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