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mirror shard
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Mirror Shard


Preserved into

mirror dust x5

Harvested from

shattered mirror

Exotic Food


On Eat

Metabolic effect

Spawns in


mirror shard

A shard of glass shines on sharp edges, its crack patterns characteristic of geologic pressure-tempering.

It's sharp and shimmering.

— upon consuming

Mirror shards are snacks that can be harvested from shattered mirrors, which are produced when quartziferous mirrors are destroyed.[1]

Eating a mirror shard grants the player a metabolized effect that will reflect 100% of damage taken back at an attacker. This effect can only trigger once per mirror shard eaten; upon reflecting damage, the metabolized effect will be removed. The effect will also be removed after 50 rounds if the damage reflection is not triggered.[2]

If the player has the Meal Preparation skill, they can preserve mirror shards into mirror dust at a campfire or clay oven. Mirror dust can be cooked with to obtain a weaker but longer-lasting reflection effect.


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