Salthopper chip

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salthopper chip
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Salthopper Chip

Food Contains



Butchered from

salthopper corpse (85%)

Cooking Effect

simple taste-based effects

Spawns in


salthopper chip

Chitin was shaved from the exoskeletal flank of a caught salthopper and dry-beaten to a snappy crisp.


salthopper chip is a food item that an be used as an ingredient in cooking for simple taste-based cooking effects, similarly to salt.

It is obtained from butchering salthoppers, and is occasionally stocked by kippers.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.

While salt is extremely common and can be gotten for free by simply wandering in the salt dunes until you find a river of salt, it is also relatively heavy (with a full waterskin of it weighing 17 pounds). In comparison, crusty loafs and salthopper chips are weightless, which may make them preferable for players who wish to utilize the guaranteed tasty bonus in cooking without needing to carry around heavy salt.