Brain brine

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brain brine
When on/in other objects/liquids:
nervous liquid
nervous object
brain-brine-stained object
Vaporizes at

2000°, into confusion gas

Base temperature


Value per dram


Weight per dram






Cleaning factor


Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?




Liquid ID


Brain brine is a rare liquid usually found inside random reliquaries located within the Tomb of the Eaters. If it is a part of a mixed liquid, or an item is stained with brain brine, it becomes nervous. A phial of the liquid can also be found on the alchemist.


At 2000° brain brine will evaporate into confusion gas.

Sources of Brain Brine

Drinking Brain Brine

Drinking brain brine returns the following message:

It tastes salty. Your mind starts to swim.

Doing so does not influence hydration in any way.

The imbiber then becomes confused for 20–30 turns.[1]

For the player only (including bodies temporarily dominated by the player), once the confusion ends (by any means), there are further effects.[2] They will receive the message "You shake the water from your addled brain, but someone else's thoughts have already taken root", lose one point of Ego, and receive an occurrence drawn randomly from the following table:

Weight Chance Result
20 14.8% Get 2-3 random skills
20 14.8% Gain 400-500 Skill Points
10 7.4% Gain 2-3 Intelligence
10 7.4% Gain 2-3 Willpower
30 22.2% Learn 6-8 random secrets
30 22.2% Gain one positive mental mutation
15 11.1% Gain one random mental defect

If the affected creature is a Chimera and the result would otherwise give them a mental mutation or a defect, they receive the message "Your mind begins to morph but the physiology of your brain restricts it." instead.

Brain Brine and Precognition

The game performs two rolls when determining the effects of a creature drinking brain brine:

  1. The general result is determined: for example, giving the creature two skills.
  2. The specific result is determined: for example, giving the creature the Tinker III and Swipe skills.

The first roll uses per-creature RNG which can only be rerolled with Eaters' nectar injectors, drops of nectar, or a gamma moth's mutating gaze.[3] This means that while Precognition can predict the results of drinking brain brine, seed manipulation can only alter its outcome for a given creature as many times as that creature is exposed to one of those effects. However, since clones have their own random brain brine seed, it is possible to force a desired result by using Precognition or a sphynx salt injector, generating a clone, dominating it, and then drinking Brain Brine. Once the clone receives the desired roll result, you can permaswap with it to gain those selected benefits permanently.

The second roll uses different types of RNG depending on the general result:

  • Intelligence, Willpower, mutations, and and skill points are determined by the same specific per-creature random seed as the first roll.
  • Skills and secrets are determined by a general RNG that can be rerolled by waiting.


This information is reliable as of patch
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