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mutating gaze
Mutating gaze.png
average: 6.5range: 1-12
Commerce Value


Shots per Action


Ammo per Action




Skill Used

Bow and Rifle



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Gamma Moth Gaze

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Extra Info:
mutating gaze

A hideous specimen.

Weapon Class: Bows & Rifles
Accuracy: High


A mutating gaze is a natural weapon possessed by gamma moths. See that article for more details, or read the following excerpt:

This section is an excerpt from Gamma moth#Mutating Gaze.

A mutating gaze's mutating gaze attack uses a piercing projectile that can pass through creatures and continue onward to hit other targets. Any creature struck by a mutating gaze attack, whether or not the attack penetrates their armor, must succeed at a Toughness save with a target of 20, or else gain the mutating effect.[1] The effect is not applied if the creature is already mutating from a mutating gaze.[2]

Mutating gazes are EMP-sensitive. They will be unable to fire if EMP'd.

Mutating Effect

Mutating has an incubation period of 100 game turns. After the halfway point of this duration, the mutating creature's mutation buys and brain brine results are permuted every turn with the message "you feel increasingly unstable."[3] At the end, one of the following effects happens:[3][4]

Chance Effect
80% The creature gains a random defect.
10% The creature gains a random positive mutation.
10% The creature gains 1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5) mutation points.

The mutation granted must be one that the creature is eligible for in the first place, so, e.g., Chimeras cannot gain mental mutations (including defects), and Espers cannot gain physical ones. True Kin, on the other hand, can gain any type of mutation, and can gain mutation points to level them up.

It's possible to have multiple simultaneous defects from gamma moths, regardless of whether the "Disable defect mutation limit" option is set (that option applies only to character generation).

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