Green goo

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green goo
When on/in other objects/liquids:
gooey liquid
gooey object
goo-stained object
Vaporizes at

110°, into poison gas

Base temperature



Cooking Effect

self-poisoning effects

Value per dram


Weight per dram






Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?



GooPuddle, GooPool

Liquid ID


green goo is a harmful liquid that is commonly found within the depths of Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha. Something covered in green goo has the prefix gooey. It adds self-poisoning based effects to cooked meals.

Becoming prone in green goo will cause the creature to make a toughness save of difficulty 30. If this fails, they will be inflicted with poison that causes the creature to take ♥1d2+23-4 (Avg: 3.5) a turn for a duration of (1d2+2)d2 turns.

One dram is a component of the Cloaca Surprise.

Sources of Green Goo

  • Green jell.pnggreen jells explode into green goo on death. There is also a 25% chance for a Sewage eel.pngsewage eel to spawn in each tile of liquid.
  • Pools of green goo can be found on the floor of Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha
  • Will sometimes be sold by Ichor merchant.pngichor merchants, one of which is guaranteed to spawn in the Ovw six day stilt.pngStiltgrounds.
  • The Alchemist.pngalchemist is guaranteed to have one dram of green goo for sale.

Consuming Green Goo

Drinking green goo will add the message "It's awful! You feel poison course through your veins!" and inflict the imbiber with poison that causes the creature to take ♥1d2+23-4 (Avg: 3.5) damage a turn for a duration of (1d2+2)d2 turns. Cooking with green goo will have the same effect.[1]


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