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Shrouded in the rotting jungle are the mouths of the rust-caves of Golgotha, chrome's graveyard.


Golgotha is an early game dungeon that the player is sent to as part of the first quest for the Barathrumites, "More Than a Willing Spirit." The structure only occupies the center zone of the parasang; outskirts both above and underground generate as normal Jungle.pngjungle and subterranean jungle zones, respectively.



The outside of Golgotha appears as a jungle level with one sealed central building and four randomly placed outbuildings, each containing a row of three Slimy shaft.pngslimy shafts. The central building contains a Deep shaft.pngdeep shaft that leads directly to the bottom of Golgotha, and a Control switch.pngcontrol switch that will unlock the door from inside.

One advanced strategy is to phase, dig, teleport, or hack directly into the central building and jump straight down the elevator shaft. Characters cannot survive this without special preparation.

When ready, the player can jump down one of the slimy shafts to the first floor.

slimy shaft

A wide, dark shaft whose chrome walls are coated with stinking, viscous scum. You hear splashing and the drone of conveyor belts below.


Trash chutes, levels 1-4

An example layout of the first floor of the trash chutes. The conveyor belts will move creatures, items, and liquids along them, delivering them to the next set of Slimy shaft.pngslimy shafts and down to the next level.

The next four floors are all randomly generated in the same way: the player drops in from a shaft in front of a set of Conveyor drive unit.pngconveyor drive units driving -conveyor belts. The player must then choose how to make their way to the next set of slimy shafts leading down: whether by standing and fighting to clear an area, or potentially by riding the conveyor belt as quickly as possible to the next level while dodging hazards. Whatever strategy is used, the player may have to confront:

After passing four levels this way, the player is deposited in the Cloaca.

The Cloaca

An example layout of the Cloaca.

In contrast to the quickly moving conveyor belts and hazards of the trash chutes, the Cloaca is a relatively static area full of Trash.pngtrash and sewage. The player will encounter one rare Chest.pngchest, a dysfunctional waydroid, and the unique creature Slog of the cloaca.pngSlog of the Cloaca. Whether Slog is friend or foe depends on their faction reputation toward the player (Mollusks.) Mutants with a good faction relationship may treat with Slog via the water ritual (with one dram of slime), allowing them to learn how to cook Cloaca Surprise. Alternatively, Slog could be killed, and their corpse butchered using the Butchery skill to obtain Slogs annunclus.pngSlog's annunclus.


Although the main objective is on the fifth floor and there are no natural stairs that lead below, Golgotha does extend further. However, there is no unique generation besides the name of the location, and will only generate using normal level generation found in typical Ruins.pngruins. The types of creatures found will include the ones found in the higher levels, as well as the tier-appropriate spawns of a ruins zone for that z-level.

Floor Name
6-8 Fetid pools
9-14 Deep cells
15 Oubliette

Any further below are regular jungle caves.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.

Players should come prepared to run the entire dungeon, since floors in Golgotha cannot be ascended by normal means once the run has begun. Strategies for preparing for Golgotha's hazards may include:

Cloaca Surprise.png