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This article has information that is missing or not up to par.
Reason: This page describes previous logic used for explosive effects. The explosion logic in game was significantly changed in patch There may be changes to the logic described below. Additional investigation is needed

Explosions are a type of damaging phenomenon caused by high explosive grenades among other weapons, as well as certain other things such as space-time vortices. Creatures and other things caught within an explosion are forcefully pushed in addition to being damaged proportional to the force of the explosion. Explosions can cross zone boundaries and damage things outside the zone where they originated.

Calculating Damage and Force

Each explosion has a certain initial force, which can be conceived of as a positive whole number. This force applies to the epicenter of the explosion and lessens as it spreads out into adjacent tiles and as it strikes objects. Heavier objects absorb more of the force, lessening it proportional to their weight. Each cell is hit at most once in the same explosion.

The amount of force felt in a given cell hit by an explosion can be expressed using the following formula:

This calculation is repeated with weaker and weaker force in each later cell until the explosion tapers out at 100 force or lower.

A thing hit by an explosion takes an amount of damage equal to the force with which it was hit divided by 250, plus an amount of damage depending on the source of the explosion.[1] If this force is greater than its weight, it is also pushed. (This can be countered by anchor spikes.) Although the same object can be pushed more than once by the same explosion, it can only be damaged by it once.

List of Explosive Weapons

Weapon Type Initial Force Initial Explosive Damage
boomrose arrow Explosive 1200 ♥4+1d65-10 (Avg: 7.5)(+1d2 from collision)
missile launcher from a rocket turret Explosive 5000 ♥20+4d824-52 (Avg: 38) (+1d6 from collision)
mortar tube from a traipsing mortar Explosive 2000 ♥8+2d610-20 (Avg: 15) (+1d3 from collision)
swarm rack from a chrome pyramid Explosive 2000 ♥8+6d614-44 (Avg: 29) (+3d6 from collision)
sower's seed Explosive 2000 ♥8+2d610-20 (Avg: 15)
gravity grenade mk I Implosive 4000 ♥0
gravity grenade mk II Implosive 8000 ♥0
gravity grenade mk III Implosive 17500 ♥0
high explosive grenade mk I Explosive 2000 ♥8+4d612-32 (Avg: 22)
high explosive grenade mk II Explosive 7000 ♥28+5d633-58 (Avg: 45.5)
high explosive grenade mk III Explosive 15000 ♥60+6d666-96 (Avg: 81)
Hand-E-Nuke Explosive 10000000 ♥40000+2d640002-40012 (Avg: 40007)


This information is reliable as of patch
  1. XRL.World.Parts.Physics, method ApplyExplosion