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flattened remains





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flattened remains

These appear to be the flattened remains of some vainglorious humanoid.

The meat pancake is tender.

— upon consuming

The flattened remains is a unique encounter that will only randomly spawn in the center zone of a random salt marsh parasangAn area made of 3x3 screens, which is represented as one tile on the overworld map.. Seeing it will automatically record its location within the Oddities category of the Journal, and will grant the What With the Disembowelment and All achievement.

Loot Table

Upon the corpse itself will have several items:[1]

Item Chance
broken mechanical wings 100%
wire strand (50') 100%
wire strand (50') 25%
wire strand (20') 25%
wire strand (10') 25%
1-2 items from Junk 3 100%
1 item from Armor 2, Armor 1, and Melee Weapons 2 100%


  • The flattened remains' associated achievement and its object ID, SkrefCorpse, indicate that they are the remains of Skref, Argyve's former apprentice. Argyve mentions Skref briefly after the player completes Fetch Argyve Another Knickknack.


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