Sphynx salt injector

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sphynx salt injector
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sphynx salt injector

A slender metal tube, used to deliver various tonics directly into the bloodstream.

Duration: 18-22 rounds
You are immune to confusing attacks.
Your activated mental mutations cool down twice as quickly.

[True Kin]
Duration: 18-22 rounds
You are immune to confusing attacks.
You peer into your near future (you may revert to the point in time at which you first used this drug at the end of its duration).


A sphynx salt injector is a Tonic. Unusually for tonics, sphynx salt injectors do not necessarily provide better effects to True Kin. Instead, True Kin and Mutants simply get different effects.

For True Kin, injecting a sphynx salt injector while already under effect of another one will add their durations together. Likely due to a bug, it will also allow reverting to the beginning of a vision an unlimited number of times.

sphynx salt injectors are crafted from <05> and a crystal of Eve.

Amaranthine Prism

This section is an excerpt from Precognition#Amaranthine Prism.

Precognition has a special interaction with the amaranthine prism. If the player equips the amaranthine prism during a vision, returning to their start of the vision will cause the prism to be unequipped, making this one of the few legitimate methods of removing the prism after wielding it. However, this course of action will return the following message:

From across the psychic sea, you feel the glare of unseen eyes. Someone is disappointed in you.

After this, the player will lose 100 reputation with highly entropic beings and 2-5 spacetime vortices will spawn within 5-11 tiles of the player.

Should the player choose to wield the prism during a vision and forgo returning to the start, the prism will remain equipped as normal, and will be impossible to remove from then on.


For True Kin, the Precognition-like effect of a sphynx salt injector can be used to obtain various Achievements which would normally kill the player (such as Welcome to Qud) without dying.