Slog's annunclus

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Slog's annunclus
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Butchered from

Slog's corpse (100%)

Worn On


Slog's annunclus

A pustulent girdle that slowly undulates with latent vitality.

While equipped you take half damage from poison.


Slog's annunclus is a bracelet that is acquired by butchering the corpse of Slog of the Cloaca. Wearing one will increase a creature's poison resistance by 50%. The reduction from wearing multiples is multiplicative. Wearing two often negates all poison damage of common low damage sources. The wearer will still get ill after being poisoned. It works against all sources of poison damage, including poisoned by gas.


  • Slog's annunclus cannot be asked for by sparking baetyls or in other dynamically generated quests.