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sparking baetyl
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sparking baetyl

A lens of glass has crusted over the smooth stone where the heat of sacred math burned the air then cooled in Q.E.D. Under that dermis and the meteoritic layer, an electric heart grinds on the field of magnets at the earth's core and radiates a shower of sparks.

25% chance per turn to repel gases near itself.


A sparking baetyl is an object belonging to the baetyls faction. Sparking baetyls can be found in Bethesda Susa, as well as rarely in ruins, the flower fields, the Rusted Archway, Grit Gate, Golgotha beneath the Cloaca level, and randomly underground.[1][2][3][4]

Sparking baetyls are a kind of baetyl that are able to grant the player "quests" with random rewards. These rewards can be a weapon, artifact, or even reputation or attribute points.

When a baetyl is seen by the player for the first time, they will begin emitting sparks and will play a short buzzing sound on occasion. This sparking will continue as long as the player is in the same zone as the sparking baetyl, and the player will be able to see the baetyl's location, even if they do not have line of sight to it.

When spoken to, sparking baetyls will prompt the player to give them multiple random objects in exchange for a vague gift. After speaking to it, the location of the sparking baetyl and the items requested will be automatically noted in the Journal. To fulfill the request, the player must drop the requested objects in a tile adjacent to the sparking baetyl, and then speak it. It will then consume the items, and reward the player.

Once the request is fulfilled, sparking baetyls will cease sparking and, when spoken to, will respond only with the following:[5]



Sparking baetyls are completely immobile objects with extremely high health and ♦AV, meaning they are extremely difficult to destroy under normal circumstances. If a sparking baetyl's hitpoints are somehow reduced to 25% of their maximum HP (500 HP), it will become broken. If its HP is further reduced to 20% (400 HP), it will violently explode with a force of 25,000, dealing ♥10d10+7585-175 (Avg: 130) damage to everything in a huge radius. This explosion is considered neutronic. After exploding, the baetyl itself will disappear, leaving behind a space-time vortex.[6]

Sparking baetyls have an inherent reality stabilization effect, while will contest reality distorting events.[7] The strength of this reality stabilization is equal to 120 when a sparking baetyl is at maximum HP; if the baetyl takes damage, the strength of reality stabilization will be multiplied by the percentage of HP it has of its maximum HP.[8] Notably, reality stabilization will prevent sparking baetyls from being revealed by Clairvoyance.

A sparking baetyl's reality stabilization and gas repulsion will be disabled if the baetyl is broken, rusted, or affected by EMP; however, its explosion effect will still function.

Sparking baetyls will passively push adjacent gases away from themselves, with a 25% chance of doing so each round.[8][9]

Baetyl Quests

A sparking baetyl has a 70% chance of demanding a particular kind of item and a 30% chance of demanding a particular item mod. Any item with the mod will satisfy an item mod demand.

Item Demands

To be eligible to be used in a baetyl quest, an item blueprint:

  • must not have a Brain part
  • must have a Physics part
  • must have a Render part
  • must not have the tag NoSparkingQuest
  • must not have the tag BaseObject
  • must not have the tag ExcludeFromDynamicEncounters
  • must not have Physics.Takeable=false
  • must not have Physics.IsReal=false
  • must not have the character [ in its Render.DisplayName
  • must not have the tag SparkingQuestBlueprint set to a value other than its own blueprint name

A blueprint meeting these requirements is randomly selected, with all such blueprints being equally likely. The baetyl will want from 3 to 6 objects matching the blueprint.

An object is considered to match the demand if:

  • its blueprint is the same as the demand blueprint
  • or it has the demand blueprint set in its SparkingQuestBlueprint property or tag
  • or its blueprint-level Render.DisplayName, with all color formatting stripped, matches the blueprint's Render.DisplayName with all color formatting stripped

Item Mod Demands

To be eligible to be used in a baetyl quest, an item mod:

  • must not have the NoSparkingQuest property set to true (Sharp, Freezing, and Flaming have this, as well as some wall mods)
  • must have a MinTier less than or equal to 8 (only wall mods have this value set higher)

An item mod meeting these requirements is randomly selected, with all such item mods being equally likely. The baetyl will want from 3 to 6 items that have the item mod.


The type of reward is randomly generated out of 8 possible rewards, with each having an equal chance, unless the player character is a True Kin, where the reward that grants mutation points grants attribute points instead.

Reward Result Chance
A MIGHTY WEAPON A melee weapon 12.5%
A SPLENDID VESTMENT A piece of armor 12.5%
A BLAZING CANNON A missile weapon 12.5%
ENHANCED PROWESS 1 to 3 attribute points or 1 to 3 mutation points (if true kin, it will always be attribute points) 25%
HEIGHTENED SKILL (1 to 3) * (4 * (intelligence - 10) + 50) skill points 12.5%
GREAT RENOWN Grants 720 to 880 reputation with a random visible faction 12.5%

Item Rewards

Item rewards will be of a tier meant to very roughly reflect the challenge of the demand. This tier will be either a number based on the demand or the static zone tier of the zone where the baetyl first spawned, whichever is higher, plus 1d21-2 (Avg: 1.5). For item demands, the demand-based number is the tier of the item. For item mod demands, the demand-based number is the tier of the item mod (corresponding to its main bit), plus a number corresponding to the rarity of the item mod (squared if the item mod cannot be added via tinkering), minus one if the item mod can show up randomly on items created by tinkering.

Item rewards will have:

  • at least one mod, if any are applicable
  • a 40% increase to their chance of second and third mods
  • a 35% chance of a minor performance boost similar to those seen on relics
  • a 15% chance of a major power similar to those seen on relics
  • if either relic bestowal occurs, the item will be given a proper name like that of a relic, and the item will become unmoddable

The success of relic power bestowals is, beyond the random chance involved, also subject to whether the item has appropriate faculties to receive a bestowal. (For example, a box of crayons may not be able to receive any bestowal.)

The item's value will be adjusted upward by:

  • a base 20%
  • an additional 20% if a minor relic performance boost was bestowed
  • an additional 40% if a major relic power was bestowed

Precognition Interaction

Sparking baetyl demands and rewards are generated when the baetyl is first placed in a square, meaning that in order to generate these differently using Precognition, you would need to be going back to before the zone was generated. You would also need to avoid having transited multiple zones in the meantime, in order to avoid an issue with the game's save architecture that can allow serialized zones to "cross over" between saved game states.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Due to the randomness of requests, it is fine to ignore some requests that request too rare objects for a low quality reward.


This information is reliable as of patch
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