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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Normality, also known as reality stabilization, suppresses effects and abilities that manipulate reality or spacetime. This includes Forcefield.pngforcefields, Teleportation mutation.pngTeleportation, and various mental mutations.[1]

Normality can be caused by either Normality gas.pngnormality gas or a projected Normality field.pngnormality field.

While under the effects of normality, creatures have the astrally burdened effect if affected by a lower-strength gas or field, such as a lower density cloud of normality gas, or the astrally tethered effect if completely restricted.[2] These effects show up when looking at oneself or other creatures.

Normality-inducing phenomena can be nullified by a Nullray pistol.pngnullray pistol. For example, the pistol destroys normality gas.

Sources of Normality Gas

Sources of Normality Fields

Phenomena affected

Phenomenon Fashion affected
Agolfly.pngagolfly Blocks projectiles; prevents ranged attack from replenishing
Amaranthine prism.pngamaranthine prism Dazes wearer
Antigravity boots.pnganti-gravity boots Disables
Bloodgradient hand vacuum.pngblood-gradient hand vacuum Blocks projectiles; prevents health transfer to wielder
Ceremonial vibrokhopesh.pngceremonial vibrokhopesh Disables built-in power supply
Clairvoyance mutation.pngClairvoyance Contests activation; prevents from seeing individual cells
Extradimensional items Occasionally rusts
Fitted with suspensors Disables
Forcefield.pngforcefields, Force barrier.pngforce barriers, and Stasis field.pngstasis fields Destroys; an electrical arc is released that can do 1d6 damage
Gelatinous antiprism.pnggelatinous antiprism Prevents cloning
Gelatinous prism.pnggelatinous prism Prevents cloning
Hypertractor.pnghypertractor Blocks tractor beam
Morphogenetic Contests activation; prevents acting on particular targets
Onboard recoiler.pngonboard recoiler Contests programming and activation
Phase cannon.pngphase cannon Blocks projectiles
Phase web.pngphase webs Converts to normal Web.pngwebs
Phase shift grenade mk i.pngphase shift grenade mk I Prevents activation; prevents affecting particular cells
Phased Removes effect; if this results in the subject being in phase, they take 2d6 damage
Phasing mutation.pngPhasing Contests activation
Precognition mutation.pngPrecognition Contests activation
Programmable recoiler.pngprogrammable recoiler Contests programming and activation
Psychometry mutation.pngPsychometry Contests use
Quantum rippler.pngquantum rippler Causes to implode, generating a neutron explosion
Reprogrammable recoiler.pngreprogrammable recoiler Contests programming and activation
Schrodinger page from the annals of qud.pngSchrodinger page from the Annals of Qud Prevents activation
Small sphere of negative weight.pngsmall sphere of negative weight Disables (changing weight from -10 to 10)
Spacetime vortex.pngspace-time vortex Destroys
Sphynx salt injector.pngsphynx salt injector Prevents use for precognition
Stopsvalinn.pngStopsvalinn Disables
Syphon vim mutation.pngSyphon Vim Contests activation; prevents ongoing effect
Teleportation mutation.pngTeleportation of all kinds Contests
Temporal fugue mutation.pngTemporal Fugue Contests activation; destroys clones
Time dilation mutation.pngTime Dilation Contests activation; removes effect
Twinning lamprey.pngtwinning lamprey Contests twinning
Timecube.pngtimecube Contests activation; removes effect


When normality contests a process, if that process is generated by a mutation or similar inherent power, the person acting may be given the option to try to push through the normality lattice, and will be given an estimate of how likely they are to succeed. If they try and fail, they will be dazed for 1d6 turns unless they make a difficulty 20 Willpower save. NPCs attempt to contest normality if two prospective rolls against their estimated chance of prevailing are successful.

If the process is generated by a device, contesting automatically takes place, and if it fails the device will emit a shower of sparks that does 1d6 electrical damage to its user and consumes 10d100 charge from the device.


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