Anti-gravity boots

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anti-gravity boots
Charge per Use

3 Solar cell: 833 usesFidget cell: 833 usesLead-acid cell: 1333 usesCombustion cell: 2000 usesChem cell: 3333 usesThermoelectric cell: 13333 usesBiodynamic cell: 20000 usesNuclear cell: 33333 usesAntimatter cell: 66666 usesMecha power core: 166666 uses

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Tinker Skill

Tinker III

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boot, general, electronics



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Anti-Gravity Boots

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Extra Info:
anti-gravity boots

Ur-metal strips on the soles are magnetized by bosonic coils, producing a continuous ribbon of negative-mass bubbles that repel the wearer upward.


As the most effective flight-providing artifact, anti-gravity boots provide perfect flight mobility, and will never cause the user to crash to the ground outside of combat while powered. During combat, if using the Swoop ability, there is an 18% chance that the wearer of anti-gravity boots will fall to the ground.[1] The boots consume power constantly each turn while flying.

One notable drawback of the anti-gravity boots when compared to the gyrocopter backpack or mechanical wings is that the anti-gravity boots are vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses and normality effects.

This item has the same travel speed and navigation bonuses most sources of provide. In this case that is a +350% speed bonus and a -70% chance to get lost when travelling on the world map. Those particular bonuses stack with others and will work even when the boots are turned off (as long the item is equipped with a non-empty power cell).


This information is reliable as of patch
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