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Skill Tree



100 sp


15 Intelligence



You are skilled at examining, building, repairing and modding artifacts.

Tinkering is the base skill tree that allows players to craft and modify items using Bits. However, buying the base skill will only allow the player to see what bits each item is made out of. Crafting and disassembling them are additional skills that need to be bought with skill points. The player may also need to find certain data disks or interact with unique or legendary creatures to learn how to tinker specific items and mods.

The tree focuses on the three main skills, Tinker I, II, and III, which allow the player character to craft and modify items that are more and more complex and rare.

Skills in the Tinkering skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Prerequisites Description
Gadget Inspector 0 15 Intelligence You are much more successful at examining artifacts, and you can deploy wiring.
Scavenger 100 15 Intelligence Whenever you step over garbage, you astutely rifle through it and occasionally discover scrap. Additionally, you harvest extra scrap from robots you destroy.
Disassemble 100 15 Intelligence You can disassemble scrap and artifacts for bits. You get the most significant bit from the item schematic plus a 50% chance to receive each remaining bit.
Lay Mine / Set Bomb 50 17 Intelligence You may lay down grenades as mines or set them as bombs.
Repair 100 17 Intelligence You may repair broken items with Bits.
Deploy Turret 100 17 Intelligence You may deploy missile weapons as static turrets.
Tinker I 100 19 Intelligence You may build items from low-tier schematics and you get 1 free schematic. You can also recharge energy cells and capacitors.
Tinker II 200 23 Intelligence Tinker I You may build items from medium-tier schematics and you get 1 free schematic.
Reverse Engineer 100 25 Intelligence Disassemble Whenever you disassemble an item, you have a 25% chance to learn how to build the item.
Tinker III 300 29 Intelligence Tinker II You may build items from high-tier schematics and you get 1 free schematic.

Factions That Teach Tinkering

Creatures That Have Tinkering