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Skill Tree



75 sp


17 Agility



You are skilled at acrobatics.

Acrobatics is the base skill for the Acrobatics skill tree. Despite there being no requirements specified, 17 agility is required to learn Swift Reflexes.

Skills in the Acrobatics skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Prerequisites Description
Swift Reflexes 0 17 Agility You gain a +5 bonus to your DV when flinching away from missile attacks.
Spry 100 17 Agility You gain a +2 bonus to your DV.
Jump 100 17 Strength You jump into an unoccupied square within range 2. You cannot jump over a square occupied by a creature.
Tumble 150 23 Agility Juke You gain a +1 bonus to your DV. Additionally, Juke's cooldown is reduced to 20.

Factions That Teach Acrobatics

Creatures That Have Acrobatics